Our Business

  • Non-recourse receivables purchase

    Blue Factor’s core business is specialized in the purchase of non-performing receivables without recourse, with a strong focus on receivables arising from the banking and financial Industry. Over the past 5 years, more than 25 billion euros of NPLs have been analyzed and processed by the company, which also handled sales processes for more than 2.5 billion euros.

  • Credit Management

    In addition to the usual non-recourse loan purchase and debt collection process in-house and thanks to the excellent track record gained in the field, Blue Factor also acted as sub-servicer in securing transactions pursuant to Law 130/1999 launching activities for the management of loans on behalf of third parties.

  • Portfolio sales advising

    Blue Factor usually assists investors in the sale and purchase of portfolios, advising on price analysis and on the evaluation of their actractiveness in financial markets. In addition, it follows the whole process, encouraging the exchange of information between sellers and buyers. The company rules over the whole transfer process: it selects the list of the investors, it deals with the documents selection, it organizes the data room by processing the information and files in order to facilitate due diligence, it collects and analyses final offers and lastly assists the parties in the conclusion of the sales contract.

  • Transactions Securitisation

    Blue Factor regularly supports and organizes securitization transactions concerning portfolios of non-performing loans (NPL). The company undertakes the role both of Operations sponsor and of servicer in the management of the whole debt collection process, including the support to the master servicer for reports to the Supervisory Authority and the fulfillment of anti-money laundering obligations.

  • Special situations

    Blue Factor organizes and manages high value transactions with financial partners and qualified investors, both institutional and private, through dedicated investment structures aimed at meeting the investors’ specific needs and the requirements of each investment opportunity.


    Blue Factor carries out servicing activity pursuant to art. 2 Law 130/1999 for securitization vehicles. The Company carries out both operational tasks and “guarantee” functions regarding the correct completion of securitization transactions in the interest of the noteholders and the market in general. Thanks to an advanced technological infrastructure, Blue Factor offers an integrated solution of… View Article

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