About us

Blue Factor is a chartered financial intermediary authorized by the Bank of Italy whose core business is specialized in factoring and collection of trade receivables originated by banks and financial companies. Thanks to its ten-year presence on markets and to the inclusion into the Register of intermediaries pursuant to art. 106 of the Consolidated Banking Act (TUB), the company is licensed for the purchase of receivables from the main banking groups operating in Italy.

Thanks to its highly specialized professionals, Blue Factor performs due diligence functions, management and credit checking in-house; at the same time it relies on both a network of established collection agencies widespread all over Italy and of trusted lawyers in every court for collection in the Italian territory.

Blue Factor is the owner of Crisalide®, a debt collection software developed by its internal programmers. Thanks to this software, Blue Factor is able to oversee the whole debt collection process and to monitor the trend of every single position. The fact that the operating system is also easily accessible by stakeholders allows a rapid flow of information thanks to the possibility of data mining in an aggregated form.

Thanks to the organizational model and the acquired experience, Blue Factor established itself on the Italian market as a sponsor of structured finance transactions pursuant to Law 130/1999 and as a servicer in charge of securitised receivables’ management and recovery.